Ebay trading tool

This is  ERP class software, developed for medium sized (20+ employees) Ebay trading company, to help with order-stock-supply flow. It allows for company orders and stock database integration with Ebay servers. It connects to EBAY API service via SOAP and webservices components, holds relevant data in MySQL, PostgreSQL and FireBird Databases, (MySQL helps with external web stores integration), process orders and updates information on EBAY servers.

Most important features:

  • Retrieve orders from EBAY webservice ( via SOAP, using THTTPRio and  provided WSDL)
  • create  invoices for each order and sending them via e-mail in .pdf format in background thread
  • print self-rendered labels for shipment companies along with critical informations for warehouse persons
  • update order status on EBAY platform, including shipment tracking numbers and sending dates
  • mainteance of local warehouse and update information about available products
  • generate purchase and sales reports for given period
  • send additional packages, change order content and customer data if necessary
  • track fulfilled orders  at shipment companies
  • exchange order status with shipment companies information systems via webservices and FTP

Screenshots below:

  • Invoice

  • Sales statistics by index

  • Daily report for shipment company

  • Self-rendered shipment company label

  • Single order view

  • Single order with copyright

  • Stock and supply